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Where Can I Work as a Medical Administrative Specialist?

Medical office administration jobs are part of the fast-paced, rapidly growing healthcare industry in which many individuals want to get involved. While the position has been around for quite a while, the number of medical office administration jobs available is increasing all over the country. As these positions require little advanced education but are often lucrative and steady, becoming a medical administrative specialist is a great way to create a stable professional future for yourself.

What’s more, this position is necessary in a number of places, from hospitals to clinics to doctor’s offices. But which is the best place to work as a medical office administrator? The position requires that professionals understand the ins and outs of customer service, scheduling, billing, and many other necessary tasks, no matter where they are working. Still, it’s important to understand the differences of where you might choose to work as a medical administrative specialist and what will be required of you at that particular facility.


Medical Administrative Specialist Jobs in Hospitals

Some individuals choose to work medical office administration jobs in hospitals. These roles require trained individuals to be able to think quickly and critically problem solve, as people are always moving in and out of a hospital setting. In addition, hospitals require that their medical administrators are able to keep patients calm. People in hospital settings often see admins first, meaning it will be your job to ensure that the person stays as relaxed as possible.


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Finally, a hospital setting may also require that you work holidays, nights, weekends, and other times outside the nine-to-five weekday schedule, as hospitals are always open. This might even demand that you work 12-hour shifts. Depending on your situation, this could be a benefit or a deal breaker.


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Medical Administrative Specialist Jobs in Clinics

Clinics are much less intense workplaces for medical administrative assistants in the sense that they do not require the constant handling of life-threatening situations. They also often run on normal weekday business hours, which means you probably won’t have to work long hours, weekends, or holidays if you choose to work in a clinic.

However, clinics may also require specific knowledge of certain medical situations, as most are based on helping a certain clientele. Over time, you will learn the ins and outs of these different clinics and their specialties, but there is likely to be a learning curve when you start out. Finally, clinics may pay more or less depending on their clientele and their specialty. For example, a cosmetic surgery clinic is likely to be more upscale and pay more than a nonprofit addiction clinic.


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Medical Administrative Specialist Jobs in Doctors’ Offices

Finally, medical administrative assistants may choose to work in a doctor’s office. While this may seem to be the least stressful of the positions, private practice doctors often ask more of their medical administrators, requiring that they know more of the details of their practices and have the ability to take on other tasks outside their required duties, such as medical coding. Medical admins often work less-demanding hours and schedules, but while at work, it can be a fast-paced environment that requires learning more outside one’s regular responsibilities.


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Where Is the Best Place to Work as a Medical Office Administrator?

The best place to work as a medical office administrator is the one that allows you to flourish and feel satisfied in your work. If that would be in a critical care environment where you would work more hours in a row, a hospital would probably be your best bet. If you prefer to learn more about a specialty and work with patients who are scheduled to come in for appointments, a clinic might be the best option. If you’d rather have more responsibilities but also a more stable schedule, working in a doctor’s office is probably for you.

By iHire | April 29, 2019
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